Flagstaff Ride Report

Apr 10, 2008

Steve's certainly improved in terms of hitting his targets; but has he chosen the WRONG target?

The above picture is appropriate, as I gobbled down three pieces before riding today. Sean had an "honorable mention" caption: Frenzy HQ is switching over to clean energy. Hey, Dave, Mark thinks my dietary regime is just fine.

Conditions were much better than one would expect given the grave, apocalyptic forecasts on the news. Just wet, not even very cold. Naturally, Dave was the only one brave enough to join.

Tour de Frenz Planning

Matt is interested in joining the Tour de Frenz, as is my bro from San Diego, so I should get going on the planning.

So far, Dave, Greg, Kevin, Sean, Adriana, Matt, and my bro have expressed some interest. If any of you lurkers are interested, leave a comment. Again, the tentative (still malleable) itinerary:

  • DAY ONE: Brainard Lake to Timber Creek CG via Trail Ridge Road
  • DAY TWO: Timber Creek CG to Idaho Springs (Beau Jo's) via Berthoud Pass
  • DAY THREE (option): Idaho Springs to Mount Evans and back

Again, this schedule can be changed...I'd even be up for touring Summit/Eagle County. Thoughts?