Flagstaff Ride Report

Apr 9, 2008

For the third day in a row, I rode Flagstaff at lunch. I was joined for the first section by Dave, but he had to split for a 1p presentation. I think "The Hole" pretty much constitutes a Flagstaff ride by itself.

Given my Flagstaff hat-trick, I might as well go for broke and do it tomorrow and Friday—though the weather tomorrow might present a challenge. I suppose I can always do a duathlon. Hope you can join.

Flyboy Chimes In

In-between hole 14 and the big sandtrap, Matt filed this report from Pensacola, FL:

I'm officially slated to start flight screening in Pueblo on 25 April and graduate on/about 6 June. I'm still hoping to break free for at least a couple of weekends but I have to wait until I am there to gauge the workload and study demands. With any luck I hope to give you at least a weeks' notice before I head up to Denver/Boulder.

We're looking forward to having you back, Matt!