Flagstaff Ride Report

Mar 24, 2008

You've gotta love spring break. No students and less meetings to distract Frenz from their primary duties: riding.

Today was a case in point: our numbers swelled from 1.5 to 4 (I only count as 1/2 man...other half machine)! No oblivious skateboarders. Thinner traffic.

Thanks to Greg, Kev, and Dave for joining. The breeze was negligible once the road tilted uphill, and our conversation ran the gamut from offshore tax shelters to future adventures.

Speaking of which, who would be interested in a summertime Frenzy Tour of Colorado? I'm thinking we could do a supported ride through the Rockies, camping out or hitting B&Bs and having support cars to carry all the peripherals. Sound like a good time? I'm sure we could arrange it so that trail runners could join in the fun too.

Sean can whip up Gumbo every night. Who could resist that?!