Poorman Ride Report

Feb 13, 2008

Apparently, the lack of diversity in our rides of late has dissuaded all but the biggest Frenzy nerds. But today, with Poorman Loop thrown in the mix and temperatures tickling 60°F, some of the cool kids came out of the woodwork.

Yes indeed, K-No showed up in shorts, ready to ride. Like clockwork, the winds picked up and batted us around with one-two combinations as we pedaled up Boulder Canyon.

As soon as we reached Fourmile, however, the blustery conditions vanished. After that, there were no more obstacles, save a runnel of black ice that ambushed us to no avail on Poorman Road.

Descending Sunshine Canyon was as pleasant as a summertime ride in the Indian Peaks. Even Dave's brakes cooperated allowing him to alight safely on Mapleton Road. Great taste of spring!