Flagstaff Ride Report

Feb 11, 2008

Dave "Bailee" Underwood skipped out to fix his brakes this afternoon, leaving me to fly solo. Your brakes didn't work before, so what's the difference, DU? You would've loved it out there today.

The winds on campus portended a rather miserable ride, and after the first push up through the gridded streets of The Hill, it certainly seemed as though it would be really tough. But, just as I was about to curse the wind, a snow squall jumped in the mix. The pelting of snowflakes driven by the wind lifted my spirits.

The spirited squall didn't cease until I reached "the wall", where the winds were swirling and fought me up to the parking lot. I finally made it and was happy to have a bag of dry, warm clothes to change into.

It was hard to coast in places on the way down—had to pedal instead—but all in all the descent was a nice reward for all the hard work. At least I was breathing clean air, right?!