Valmont Rez Stay Upright Ride Report

Jan 25, 2008

Some of you may recall Valmont Rez is where Burton grew an ego

Rob, Dave, Sean (yes, Sean), and I braved the blustery conditions and rode around town today.

It was just too windy to head out east, so instead we spun down Folsom, fighting crosswinds the whole way, then turned west onto Norwood Ave. and into the teeth of the wind.

On Norwood, we passed by the renowned Centennial Middle School jet blast testing site, battling 747 exhaust for a good half-mile or so. Dave then led us through some rough Boulder neighborhoods where we were almost mugged twice.

Fortunately, we found our way to 4th Ave., safely back on the right side of the train tracks, where ever-present gaggles of dog-walking ladies whimsically walk through the streets without a care in the world...and ostensibly without a need to work.

Thanks to the boys for a great day out! Have a great weekend!!