Pulled-a-Dave Ride Report

Jan 14, 2008

The Fat Tire commercial is good, but this one's not bad either...

Somehow I managed to get tied up after today's meeting and thus missed the ride out east. I don't think anyone else intended on joining me, so instead I "pulled a Dave."

For those of you not hip to the idiosyncrasies of our very own DU, it must be understood that, like monarch butterflies, Dave has some kind of internal, geo/helio-centric compass guiding his actions.

Usually, someone who's guided by "other forces" or "voices" is deemed nutso in our society. Not among The Frenz.

You see, Dave naturally gravitates to Flagstaff Mountain when left to his own devices...or in his case, vices. So, today, I decided to listen to Dave's voices and ride that familiar landmark. Good fun, despite the dangers presented by the clueless, inattentive masses that have swooped back down on campus.

Very happy to hear that my lovely wife is feeling well enough to go trail running again. Hopefully she'll join us on our next YakTrax-inspired duathlon. Let it snow!