Hackers' Delight- Flagstaff Ride Report

Jan 7, 2008

Well, those leeches really do drain you! Dave said he just followed the phlegm trail up Flag. Yuck!

Despite the ever-present sand on the road, conditions were largely dry and tacky. The descent is hard, in terms of choosing the right hand-warmer: gloves or mittens.

Today, I chose the latter, and wasn't thrilled about the lack of brake-gripping. They're better for mountain or cruiser bikes. Gloves (of the full-fingered variety) are better-suited to road bikes. Unfortunately for me, I could only find my cut-off (summer) gloves, which I wore on the ascent.

Anyhow, more important matters need to be discussed! I'm thinking about a Frenzy overnight ski/snowshoe the weekend of February 23-24 in the Indian Peaks. Hopefully no sub-zero temps this year. Who's in?