Sunshine Canyon Ride

Dec 5, 2007

I think this video's funny because the guy seems so ticked off at the wind

Too bad K-No couldn't join us today. Dave and I found the temperatures and lack of clouds quite a pleasant change to yesterday's craziness.

The usual frost pocket was not detectable at the base of Sunshine Canyon, and there were some tailwinds pushing us uphill. What a treat! We were so jazzed that we shimmied our way down Poorman and gingerly avoided the traffic stream in Boulder Canyon. Great day.

Wow, I set myself up for some smack talk today! Read Dave's gut-busting comments on my whiny post below.

Steve's Wednesday Whining
As an aside, I don't feel bad about not riding yesterday afternoon. The ride home last night more than made up for it!

Because the darn RTD bike rack was full, I resigned myself to pedaling home at about 6pm. With winds squarely out of the west at 25-30mph, gusting to 55mph, it was often a battle to remain upright.

The stretch along Greenbriar leading up to Fairview High reminded me of the wind tunnel at NCAR—the force of the wind was steady enough that you could simply plug away and deal with it.

However, where Greenbriar bears left at Fairview, the crosswinds were atrocious. At one point it took everything I had (and I was on my 40lb truck) to keep from being pushed from the bike lane into traffic. I figure I was pushed about 15ft from the curb.

'Tis December, I reckon.

This won't be the last whining you hear from me!