Super-Flag Ride Report

Dec 3, 2007

Dennis submitted this, saying he's making these same modifications to his bike

Greg called up this morning and asked if we could do some type of "purgatory" ride. I was happy to oblige.

Dave, Adriana, Greg, and I left Telecom a wee bit earlier than usual (c. 11:45a) and were pleased with the moderate temperatures, especially considering it's now December!

Adriana was on the tail end of a nasty illness still, so she turned around near Crown Rock. The boys continued skyward.

There was lots of jousting between Greg and Dave, as Dr. Dave tried to hold back the angst-ridden Stauffer. He made a valiant effort, keeping the bellicose boy at bay until the Amphitheater Road.

After that, it was a crescendo of climbing pain up to Lost Gulch Overlook, where we gathered to catch our breath and take in the magical view of the Indian Peaks. Great light today.

It only took us 40min to climb the darn hill today (excluding our warm-up to Gregory Canyon). Not bad for a group of angry young men.

Report from Alabama

Matt "Bubba" Burton left this comment on the Frenzy. Since it's quickly getting buried by my rambling posts, I figured I'd raise its profile here:

I do feel like an old man here at OTS. (The average age is pretty close to mine, actually.)

The main reason for feeling so old and tired is the lack of rest.Each morning when we wake up at 0455 and form up for PT we think to ourselves, "Self, I get to go back to be again in only 18 hours. Yay!" Then we realized that we work a 40-hour week in two-and-a-quarter days.

I'm not complaining; instead I am yearning for the old days of PT when it meant throwing on some bike stuff and heading up Flagstaff. I hope to put on my trail shoes and running once or twice with you fine folks over the Christmas holiday.

Take it easy on an officer trainee, would you?

Wow! Matt's going to go trail running with us over break?! Let's dial up Initiation for him. He's tough enough now.