Flagstaff Ride Report

Nov 26, 2007

Beefy snow tires (with spikes) would've beat my skinny tires today...

I waited at Gate 5 for a spell this afternoon, and when no one appeared I decided to track down Dave on Flagstaff. Hope no one had plans to rendezvous with me on Boxing Boulder.

Now, either Dave was fibbing about riding Flagstaff or he rode at an entirely different time of day, because I didn't see him on the ascent or descent. The former was typical with tee-shirt temps and decent conditions, but the latter was a bear.

It's surprising how the black tongues of icy water running across the road can seem so harmless on the way up and yet so deadly on the way down. I dismounted repeatedly or rode in the oncoming traffic lane just because it felt safer at the time.

Due to the repeated braking, I was happy I brought all the gear I did, even if Sir Kent poked fun at me in front of the stadium. It was chilly on the nerve-wracking downhill section!

If you have a second or two to kill, check out a recently published article by our very own Adriana. It details why scientists still use kites and blimps to understand the atmosphere and turbulence (à la Ben Franklin)!

Report from Alabama

Our favorite Gomer has filed another, more upbeat report from Officer Training School:

As many of you know I celebrated my 26th birthday here at OTS on 14 November. Thank you to everybody that sent presents, greeting cards, e-cards, and even home-made cards. My squadron sang "Happy Birthday" to me after we formed up for morning PT at 0500. That evening I grabbed a slice a cake out of the dessert cooler at evening chow. Other than that it was any other day at Air Force OTS.

Our upperclass graduated on Tuesday. It involved quite a bit of pomp and circumstance. There was a formal parade with both the upper and lower class participating. The parade, of course, featured an F-16 fly-by. The departure of the upper class means we are half-way to our second lieutenant bars.

We were invited into the homes of local officers and their families for Thanksgiving. Lieutenant Colonel Destry Rogers, a special operations C-130 pilot, and his family took me for Thanksgiving. It was a welcome respite from the tomfoolery of OTS. I had my first beer (actually, my first five over the course of the day) and watched football for the first time since OTS began. One of his classmates at the Air War College, a marine F-18 pilot, also joined us. Both of them provided valuable insight and a much needed reality check. A good time was had by all.

Our class is now alone on the OTS campus for the entirety of next week. After that our lower class comes in and the weeks begin to move quickly again. We have a very high concentration of graded activities that count towards graduation in the first three weeks of December. Essentially we will have all graded activities except for the final physical fitness assessment and our final officer trainee performance report out of the way. Believe or not the end is in sight.

Through out this whole process our squadron historian has been taking pictures. Now that we are at the half-way point we distributed the pictures to each person.

Can't wait 'til MB is back so we can hold him to his word. Remember how he said he could do Super-Flag 10 times no problem?!