Patients of Job (Epic) Ride Report

Nov 19, 2007

You know it's Thanksgiving week when....

Greg and I just returned from the maiden voyage of the Patients of Job ride. Ouch!

The squiggly lines on the map connecting Sunshine with Fourmile Canyon don't reveal the ledges we had to descend (Greg in his road shoes with his TT bike, which he managed quite well, all things considered). Otherwise, the ride was just hard, not impossible.

Dave and Noel filed this report from their ride up Fourmile (wimps):

Noel and I blew off doing Criminal Intent today; I was afraid I'd get us lost in that maze up at the top of Pinebrook. We went to church instead... the little church in Salina.

We figured we'd be able to see SB and GS emerge from the briars behind the chapel, but somehow we missed the fun. They'd been and gone, though even a novice tracker like myself could discern the trail of broken branches and burred rock leading up the ridge. Way to landscape, guys.

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