Valmont Rez Ride Report

Nov 8, 2007

Kevin crawled of obscurity and tested his bum knee on Valmont Rez with Dave and me today. Still very warm for November (70s), but there was a steady wind that cleared the skies and made the warmth bearable.

Looks like Maloney's good pal Michael Rasmussen has changed his story:

Danish cyclist Michael Rasmussen admitted Thursday he lied to the International Cycling Union about where he was before the Tour de France.

Rasmussen missed random drug tests in May and June, saying he had been in Mexico. He held the leader's yellow jersey for much of the Tour de France before being expelled by Rabobank for allegedly lying to the team.

I was not in Mexico in June, Rasmussen said at a news conference. I have given wrong information to the UCI and the public. I regret that.

[full story]

Oh, and this is a good story for Sean, our helmet-loathing, single-speed obsessed pal:

Per kilometer, cyclists are 12 times more likely than car drivers to suffer a fatal accident, according to Rutgers University urban planner John Pucher and Lewis Dijkstra of the European Commission (the same study found traveling by foot to be 23 times more dangerous than driving, per kilometer). To put this finding in perspective, there were 785 bicycling fatalities on American roadways in 2005, compared to 4,881 pedestrian and 43,443 automotive fatalities that same year.

On the other hand, a Danish study found that people who do not bike to work suffer a 39 percent higher mortality rate than those who do. So, assuming you can avoid a fatal accident on the road, biking to work may actually help you live longer.

From Will Bicycling to Work Get You Killed?

Bring your ski masks tomorrow (that means YOU, Greg). It's time for Criminal Intent!