Sunshine Canyon Ride Report

Oct 25, 2007

Dave asked that I bolster the Frenzy ranks with this footage from his talk yesterday

It's a bit cliché to say this, but it was picture-perfect this noonday; indeed, it seemed as though you would see cobalt brush strokes if you just peered behind the peaks—it was that clear!

Joining me today were Dave and Noel, who is the only faculty member whose calls I answer at 12p.

Dave showed his usual grit. I'm tempted to give him my heart rate monitor and see if he can max-out it out. I don't think it reads 106%.

Noel showed no signs of a fitness layoff, chit-chatting about this-n-that as though he were sipping chai at Amante. What a brut!

Dave and I are out tomorrow. Would someone care to take The Replacement out for a grueling time trial? He felt the last ride he came on was way below his caliber.