Day Off Ride Report

Oct 24, 2007

This from The Replacement, with champagne wishes and iPhone dreams

I couldn't resist getting out and flying the Frenzy flag in this beautiful weather!

Still, I treated the ride like a "day off", spinning at an average of 144bpm with a high of 154bpm (65-75% capacity) up Flagstaff. The sky was crystal clear and the views magnificent. The temps were just right too.

Nordic Skiing News Flash

Unless you live in some backwoods hole-in-the-ground, you know that this weekend the Skiweltcup kicks off in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Now, I'm no meteorologist, but I have walked in 145mph winds and I believe that qualifies me to make some generalizations about climate. Indeed, one thing I'm fairly certain of is that there ain't no snow in Düsseldorf in late October.

But alas! I am misinformed!! I just visited the World Cup website and learned how they make snow for nordic ski events in above-freezing temps. Fascinating!

The Snowmaking Process
Only a few other cities offer a 100% snow-guarantee. At the end of October there WILL be snow on the banks of the Rhine River. Since Mother Nature cannot be counted on, Mr. Snow has been hired for the event. “Mr. Snow,” also known as Peter Promegger, the chief-technician of the ski dome Neuss (Jever Skihalle), is responsible for the entire snow-making operation and the preparation of the ski trail. (full story)

Just goes to show: I know nothing.