K-NO's B-Day Celebration

Oct 19, 2007

This looks like a lot of fun!

Folks, tomorrow is Kevin's birthday; he'll be 21. Let's celebrate with a little Fox-Hound after work, then brewskies at a pub. Fox (The Replacement) leaves Humanities at 5p.

Mr. Burton filed this report from Alabama:

Dear Friends & Family,

This is my first e-mail as an official member of the United States Air Force. I made it to Alabama and I just finished my first seven days of Officer Training School. What an experience it has been. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Ever.

First, the over-arching theme has been the total and utter lack of time to do anything. We get up around 0445 and immediately fall out for 0500 physical training. We have drill, academics, paperwork, and various other tasks until 2300. We usually stay up an hour or two past this time (with flashlights after "lights out") to get our room straight and inspection order.

The worst part is the total lack of time we have to complete our assigned duties and coursework. This is, of course, by design. Upperclassmen -- officer trainees in the class ahead of us -- are our supervisors and commanders. They continually "time-jack" us by making us recite our daily memorization items consisting of both qoutes and small tidbits of Air Force knowledge (honor code, core values, etc). There is much yelling involved. Yes, we have actual Drill Sergeants here at OTS.

The last week has felt like a month. There is some relief on the horizon but it's another three weeks away at least. It's a very hard, physically and mentally demanding program.

I will write again when I get the chance.

Did he say OTS was by far the hardest thing he's ever done? We must have gone too easy on him...either that or time has healed his Frenzy wounds.

Don't you think Dennis is kind of like a drill sergeant?