Boxing Boulder Ride Report

Oct 17, 2007

Secretary Mary Peters is not one of my Frenz (from Salon.Com)

Well, The Replacement did quite well today, finding our pace "easy" and wondering if that was all we had. He needs to get more gears to find out.

We did show him some Frenzy dirty tricks, though, attacking Dave just as he stopped to help another rider with a flat. Frenz aren't good samaritans apparently. Mr. Myers realized this when Adriana let out a loud, disconcerting cackle as she passed Dave.

Beware! Blatant Political Pandering Below

Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters recently said bike paths are not related to transportation—and thus the Department of Transportation shouldn't waste money on them.

If you beg to differ with Secretary Peters, please consider sending her a kindly worded note telling her why she might reconsider. Thanks!