Sunshine Canyon Ride Report

Oct 12, 2007

Yup, 238kph is 148mph! On ice, no less. We could use those tires about 5x/year on Flagstaff.

With the spoke on his rear wheel still outta-whack, Dave was forced to ditch us today, opting for a trail run instead. I'm sure he'll file a report on that momentarily.

Meanwhile, we, which is a royal we in this instance (or perhaps the Golem we?), climbed Sunshine Canyon under mostly cloudy skies and cooler temps. No complaints here, though, as it was perfect climbing weather.

What wasn't so nice was the front-loader that followed us up the Canyon, afraid to pass on the serpentine corners of the lower section (I don't blame him). Of course, the impatient line of cars that grew behind him put all the pressure squarely on our shoulders.

Indeed, with our heart rate at 182 steady for several minutes, we spun as fast as we could to keep from being run off the road by those patient mountain residents, who choose to live up in the mountains for the peaceful, stress-free lifestyle...or so I'm told.

Hopefully, going 9mph for a few minutes didn't stress them out.