Matt's Last Flagstaff Ride Report

Oct 5, 2007

Ride on, Matt! The Frenz wish you all the best. [View Gallery]

Though it's sad to see Matt go, it was great to send him off with the cheerful camaraderie we've come to expect from the Frenz. Enjoy the hijinks through our photo gallery.

Thanks to everyone for showing up, to Dave for the cooler, and to R L for driving all the way from Denver to run support!

Good luck, Matt! We'll see you in December.

This Morning's Post

Since first joining our midday marauds in February 2006, MB has steadily plugged away, raising his fitness level from ho-hum to catch-me-if-you-can.

Indeed, not long after hitching his wagon to the Frenzy train, our flyboy aimed higher and higher, eventually winning the prestigious Most Improved Rider and Best Dressed Rider of 2007 trophies.

But now, Frenzy Faithful, Matt's moving on. Let's send him off right with a farewell ride up Flagstaff. Gather at Telecom at 12p.