Bow Mountain Ride Report

Oct 3, 2007

You've gotta work hard for these kinds of's worth it!

Though Matt was submarined by a pernicious stomach ailment and Greg and Kevin were sidelined by ill-timed meetings, a hale and light-hearted group of Frenz still gathered on the flanks of Bow Mountain for a perfect-weather ride.

Adriana, Dave, and Steve avoided the planned Linden Loop Ride, opting instead to zig-zag their way up to the start of the Paris-Roubaix portion of pavement on Bow Mountain. With work tugging them back to campus, they turned around before attacking the pavé sector.

Lots of traffic on the past few lunchtime rides. That always surprises me. Still, 4th Avenue was a pleasure for humans and deer—they seem to have taken up residence in the upscale Boulder borough.

Matt's promised to join us on Friday, so set that day aside!