Super-Flag Ride Report

Oct 1, 2007

It's nearly time for Matt to bid us farewell...Don't miss Wednesday's ride

That beguiling Burton convinced an unsuspecting OTS candidate to join us today. Since she climbs Lookout Mountain as a matter of course, Matt naturally suggested Super-Flag.

What Mr. Burton didn't suspect was that Lauren was a pure climber. Oh, and did we mention: she's ridden from Greely to Syracuse, NY?! It was all Gomer Pyle could do to stay one wheel's length ahead of her, and we don't think she was giving it full gas.

Anyhow, great crew out there today, especially since we were able, at least temporarily, to add a newcomer. Thanks to Greg, Dave, Matt, and Lauren for slogging up! Our HRMs beeped at us the whole way, as you can guess from Matt's GPS stats.

What happened to the CIRES gang?! Climate change is not happening that fast, so that's not a valid excuse! Your absence was conspicuous.

Greg feels I need to post more empty trash talk, but I'm not sure what he means by that. My trash talk is fueled by 100% vegetarian spite and vitriol. His is just baloney.