Fourmile Canyon Ride Report

Sep 28, 2007

On the way up Fourmile Canyon today, some descending maniac in a 2007 Buffalo Bicycle Classic jersey was yelling at us to be on time next time. What's up with that?!

He must not have had someone stop by his office at 11:52a to take back his brand new MacBook Pro because it's defective...if he did, he'd understand. It was very sad to see it go away....

Anyhow, three other 2007 BBC jersey wearers—Matt, Adriana, and Steve—pedaled up the canyon this afternoon, wired with HRMs recording their every vital sign. Hearts were aflutter!

Special Announcement

Matt's last rides will be next Monday and next Wednesday. On Monday, he's requested Linden Loop, as his front dérailleur is not staying engaged, so it's "easier" to go uphill (so he says).

On Wednesday, his last day, we of course have to ride Flagstaff, and I hope you'll all cancel meetings scheduled for noon now. It'll be a good time!