Back Alley Ride Report

Sep 26, 2007

Who knows what lurks in back alleys???

Good fun and good ride today on Back Alley!

Adriana led newcomer Liam up Linden while I waited for any potential 12:15ers. There were none, so I followed the CIRES band.

They waited for me at the first (of many) confusing turns, and then we pounded the pedals up and over Area 53. No police, no tazers!

Adriana says she'll be feeling the strain of the climb for some time, but she seemed pretty smooth to me. Liam's going to be a climbing monster before you know it, especially if he keeps riding his rather heavy hybrid. He did very well, and we hope he keeps coming!

I had fun with my new heart rate monitor. Up to Linden hill, I kept my HR at 70-115bpm, except for the two hills on 4th where I hit 135. Considering my warm-up zone is somewhere between 90 and 120, I'd say I did well to warm up.

On Linden hill and above, I kept my HR at 150, maxing out at 168, which is somewhere around 80% my max. The HRM is great for keeping you honest...or at least in a healthy heart range.

I've got to try a max test to determine my upper limit more precisely, but last night I was able to find my resting low at 35-37bpm—not bad for someone Matt considers way old, dude.

Dave, how did Kacey Jones do today?