Flagstaff Rainy Ride Report

Sep 24, 2007

I know not all of you like football, but this commercial is quite good!

Stepped out to ride up Flagstaff, and it was pouring...I received grave warnings of thunder claps but heard not a one. Perhaps it was the luck of the Irish, for as soon as I hit the bridge at Gregory Canyon, the rain stopped and some steamy sun even peeked through.

First winter gear ride of the season. I wrapped a wool shirt and wool hat in a ziplock bag, and before the descent threw them on along with a puffy vest. That was nice on the way down.

Great day overall, and I had the above video's song in my head ("Promonotory" from the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack), which helped with the intervals. Did three intervals total: 1) from Gregory Canyon bridge to the first trail crossing, 2) from Crown Rock to the top of Heartbreak Hill, and 3) from The Wall to the top.

Sorry if anyone was waiting for me at Telecom...I skipped right to 14th, as nearly everyone called to tell me I was crazy beforehand. I'm not crazy, though. I'm just from Northern New England.

Time for some soup.