Flagstaff Ride Report

Sep 21, 2007

Matt sends mad props out to Weird Al

Contrary to the forecast, winds were negligible today. Nevertheless, we sought out the familiar (and wind-resistant) switchbacks of Flagstaff Mountain.

Adriana led the pack, setting a grueling pace that shed Matt, Dave, and Steve like Paris Hilton sheds pet kinkajous. Blistering pace!

Among the shattered remains of the pack, Dave and Matt resorted to the usual dirty tricks: tree branches in spokes, "smart" snot rockets, and other things I won't mention in the present company.

Suffice it to say, it was a fiercely contested battle in which girded loins did little to brook the tide of petty pranks and downright cheating.

Bringing up the rear and we're talking way, way back, Steve waddled in a pool of his own inferiority. I mean, that guy really stinks.