Flagstaff Ride Report

Sep 17, 2007

Some pix from this weekend's Jamestown Breakfast ride (gallery)

Splendid afternoon for a bike ride. The air was cool yet humid, making the conditions ripe for intervals.

Dave felt very good, though he was still suspicious when Matt failed to overtake him. I think it would've been a good duel just the same.

Mr. Burton was reeling from the effects of back-to-back rides this weekend (Jamestown-Ward-Lefthand and Walker Ranch), so his bailing is excusable.

Greg decided to erode his joints and ran down the Creek Path, part of his preparation for a 5K this weekend. Go, Greg!

Kevin and Adriana were spotted at the Rec Center. I'm assuming K-No's taking it easy on his tweaked quad, and Adriana's still trying to rehab her sore back.