Nelson Road Loop Report

Aug 13, 2007

The (nefarious) wind shifted from NNE to SE during today's ride

There are two reasons I think I need to block out time on everyone's calendar for the Frenzy rides.

First, y'all seem burnt out from work. That's no good.

Second, I need some folks to draft off! During today's ride on Nelson Loop, I was faced with a constant 12-15mph HOT, HOT headwind and I had no one to sit on. There were only three other folks out there, so couldn't latch on to any groups either.

As the wind direction plot above shows, the cursed breeze hit me head-on as I headed north on 36, shifted to backhand me as I spun east on Nelson Road, shifted again to kick me in the teeth as I noodled along 63rd, and sucker-punched me on Folsom as I limped south to campus.

To top it all off, I put too much powder in my energy drink and got some serious stomach complaints on the way back down Folsom. Uhhhg!