Neva Nelson Loop Ride Report

Jul 24, 2007

Good SNL commentary about the current state of sport

Thanks to Greg and Matt for joining me on an extended "Neva" ride today...we rode Nelson Road instead. Lots of hot, gusty winds but fun just the same.

My Tour de France predictions are coming true. I believe I had Vino in first place, barring a positive dope test (Ferrari can't win them all), and Contador in second, provided he too wasn't linked to Fuentes, Ferrari, or whomever he's undoubtedly working with. It doesn't matter who rounds out the top five, as I had all of them doping too.

For me, the news about Vino's positive is NO surprise at all. I'm very happy. I really love cycling, but I hate cheaters more than I love a silly sport. I know cycling is not alone—I mean, a punter was busted for juicing in March 2005...A FREAKIN' KICKER!

Greg half-jokingly thinks there should be separate pro-drugs/anti-drugs leagues, and I half-jokingly agree with him. Still, somehow I foolishly think sports promote a healthy lifestyle. You?