Valmont Rez Ride Report

Jun 20, 2007

Okay, so I'm out of synonyms for hot, so if any of you have ideas, please mail them to Frenzy HQ.

Name Dates
Greg June 21-28
Dave June 28-July 4
Kevin July 5-11
Matt July 12-17

Frenzy Posting Schedule

It was a sizzler today. Poor Rob forgot his water bottles at home, but we occasionally biked past some sprinklers to let him catch a few drops.

Mr. Burton was as fiesty as ever, mounting a formidable sprint on Baseline. Toe-schmoe, I say!

Well, this is my last official post for a month. I'm leaving you, O' Gentle Reader, with a table of who will be posting from here on out.

All complaints should be directed at them.

I may make a post or two from Vancouver, and I'll include pix from the road. Meantime, be safe and happy! Take care, fellas and gals!

PS: Sean Myers says he's going to ride with us...hold him to it!