Fourmile Canyon Report

Jun 5, 2007
Reminder: Paula's Big Day!

Frenz, join us tomorrow morning at 8am sharp at the junction of the Bear Creek Path and Martin Drive (map). We're going to accompany Paula Vaughan on her run from Boulder to Michigan...I plan on stopping at the Computing Center, though. Don't be shy about donning your favorite tee-shirt either—yes, that's your Frenzy tee!

Touching the Void should be the Frenzy slogan

Rob and I joined forces and rode Fourmile Canyon today, though Rob bravely carried on up Poorman while I headed to a ill-timed meeting. Thanks for coming along, Rob!

I saw Dave heading over to his completely safe run route of Poorman Hill (on his bike). Quit fooling yourself, Dave-O! You're not fooling us.