Flagstaff Ride Report

May 17, 2007

Bay at the moon! Howl the eternal howl! Ride with your Frenz!!

Well, I threw a real curveball, followed by a knuckleball, followed by a change-up today. Due to an ill-timed 12-1p meeting, I did a last minute rescheduling of the ride, which threw the universe out of whack.

Fortune wasn't totally against me, though, as I ran into David Fuller on the bike path, and he and I proceeded to ride Flagstaff—twice in a row now for moi! David and I, unfazed by the claps of thunder and the slate gray skies, pedaled up and down without getting soaked in rain. Good timing.

Matt's asked that we ride Neva Loop tomorrow around noon. Any takers? I told Matt that he would have to persuade K-No, who despises that particular route.

Football enthusiasts: please take note of the numero uno team in ESPN's recently released Power Rankings for the 2007 Season.