Celebratory Ride Report

May 11, 2007

Something tells me they did more than pull my wisdom teeth

POST-OP Report: Just had all four wisdom teeth extracted. There's bad news and good news.

Bad news is my doctor said I had just about the hardest teeth to pull ever, which means once this local novacaine wears off, I'm going to be in a world of hurt. I've been prescribed oxycontin, vicodin, and penicillin, so I doubt I'll be writing for a few days, much less riding.

Good news is doc says I have unnaturally strong bones...and I'm a vegetarian! Must be all that soymilk or my Italian prepatore's secret concoction. Also, I did manage to get up early and sneak in a ride up NCAR.

Someone let me know how Back Alley was. To be honest, while sitting in the chair intoxicated with nitrous oxide, thinking of all my riding pals put me at ease. Thanks for that, guys and gals!

Congrats again to Rob!