Bow Mountain Blood Drive Report

Apr 20, 2007

Greg rode the cobbles of Bow Mountain like the strongman he is!

Like his hero, the legendary Bernard The Badger Hinault, Dave rides through any type of pain. Today, for the second time in a row, Bow Mountain has exacted revenge on the intrepid DU, leaving him bloodied but not beaten.

Greg and I had to plead with Mr. U to wipe the blood off his face—the result of a bloody nose from the dry air sitting over the Front Range. Dave found a rancid pool of black water and obliged.

As an aside, we need to take the squat rack out of Stauffer's office, for he's schooling me on the rollers. Either that or I need to dig out the patented Frenzy Excuse Generator, but I think Burton's squirreled it away in his cube.

Check out the gallery to see Greg's suspiciously shredded quads in action. No sign of Kevin on today's sojourn, but I think I saw him at the 4:20 rally.

Speaking of suspicious, looks like all that work Leipheimer put in on the Canary Islands is paying off. Why the Canary Islands, you ask?

Leipheimer in Ferrari hotel

German press agency DPA has reported that Gerolsteiner team manager Hans-Michael Holczer had confirmed information according to which his Tour de France leader, American Levi Leipheimer, had possible contacts with controversial preparatore Michele Ferrari. At the start of stage five in Beauvais, Holczer admitted that Leipheimer had stayed in the same hotel during a training camp on Spanish island Tenerife last year. But he assured me once again that he isn't working with the Italian, said Holczer. [Cycling News, July 2006]

I think the Frenz need their own team preparatore, don't you? Maybe that's why Greg's meeting with Dennis this afternoon. Dennis, did you ever attend sports med school in Italy?