May I Have AnotherRide Report

Apr 6, 2007

Steve with his commuter bike on his Across Antartica tour (Frenzy archive)

Freezing drizzle and freezing fog make Steve's hands red and tingly. Ouch! That was the most painful ride ever. Yes, I said ride!

I rode my commuter bike up to the Gregory Canyon Trailhead, locked up, and hit the trail with the goal of running Initiation. After about 100 steps on the trail, I bagged that plan.

Every rock, root, and waterbar was covered with a veneer of treacherous ice. And I worked on Mount Washington, so I know deadly glazing when I see it.

I did an about-face, remounted the commuter bike, and pointed my front tire at Flagstaff, where the road still hadn't glazed over. Everything else—trees, gutters, grass—had, though.

Riding up (made the gate) I wore a polypro sleeveless tank and my neon rain slick. On the way down, I shed the tank and put on my fleece hat, fleece pullover, down vest, and rain slick. If I had a pair of mittens with rain protection, I would've been fine.

But, dummy that I am, I brought gloves, which insta-froze on the descent. Fortunately, I survived but only barely. Harshest weather yet for me....

I saw a pro on a road bike heading up on my way down. He had no descending gear, so I hope he turned around at Panorama Point!

We'll be watching Höllentour in Humanities tonight. Lemme know if you're interested. Otherwise, stay warm and safe this weekend!