Initiation Duathlon Flagstaff Ride

Mar 29, 2007

Today, I reached the base of Flagstaff and 1) noticed the muddy trails, 2) didn't have a bike lock, and 3) saw no one, so I decided to bag Initiation.

Instead, I rode Flagstaff on the truck (my mountain bike turned commuter bike). The nice thing was I could put all my cold weather descending gear in the bed of the truck (the milk crate on my bike rack).

It was a day Dave would've loved (he's in Cortez). And though I didn't ride with my shirt off, I was down to just a short-sleeve, so he would've been proud.

No school tomorrow, so enjoy the long weekend! I'm headed to some hot springs and to the Great Sand Dunes National Park for some fun and training on the sandy steeps of the dunes. Ciao!