What Else?!

Mar 23, 2007

Let's wrap-up the week with a brisk ride up Flagstaff Mountain. Meet at Telecom at 12:05p, the better to size-up the Frenzy Fleetfeet.

Speaking of those slow-pokes, Mark has issued a challenge today:

Well, the band of Fleet Feet will be touring again in their semi-leisurely style. We’ll meet 12:05 at the front entrance to the Telecom Building on Friday, March 23rd.

Let’s plan on a circuit leading us to the Stadium, then to the creek path, then to the arboretum next to the Boulder High football stadium, emerging behind the Armory, skirting along the Varsity Pond, and then back to Telecom. We should be back at 12:50 or so.

See you then,

ATTN Matt Burton: 125/125...the streak is alive and well!