Boxing Boulder, Take 2

Mar 8, 2007

As we all expected, Dave is getting more than a tune-up

Today’s ride took us not across the windswept plains but up the leeward side of our iconic namesake. Yet another attempt to lure a female rider into the mix failed with the blatant bailage of my friend, Emily. There were no custom titanium-alloy bikes in view; just a pair of decrepit hunks of steel with two valiant riders perched at top.

Greg took a break from blasting out campus e-memos regarding daylight savings time to join me on our daily two-wheeled excursion. Greg and I decided to ditch the flats and head up Flagstaff. As soon as we reached Gregory Canyon Greg ditched me in short order. It serves me right for eating one too many Clif Bars this morning.

Passing Chautauqua on the way up we whistled at our comrades Rob and Dave on their way off to run something-or-other. I think they are just killing time until their next knee surgeries. The ride up the mountain was swift and the ride down was similar.

The weather forecast bodes well for the foreseeable future with daylight savings time bringing additional sunlight after Saturday. Have you checked your calendars? Greg & Dennis have plenty “guidance” for you about DST. Check your spam folder, it’s where I send that kind of stuff.

Until next time…

Update from Steve (6:20p)

For those who called me a pastry-crazed faineant, I'll have you know I just completed four anaerobic intervals on the 12% section of Flag (aka, "The Hole"). I bonked pretty hard at the end...must have been all those donuts.