Fourmile (and Poorman) Ride Report(s)

Mar 7, 2007

The popular new riding skirt
(made famous by Dave)

Conditions allowed us to go up Fourmile Canyon and down Boulder Canyon, though Kevin and I were nearly saw-dusted off the road by a logging truck, and Greg was rabbit-punched by a nasty pocket of semi air.

Dave was submarined once again by mechanicals today, but seeing Greg in a non-stationary saddle made up for the Frenzy Elder's absence.

Given this weather, I'd say we're all back in business now, so expect some Fox-Hound next week (after we spring ahead). Stay tuned!!

Unbeknownst to us, Adriana was waiting for us on Poorman Loop, as her own ride report reveals:

Oh poor just got your butt kicked by a gal in a black mini-skirt.

And where were the rest of the Frenzy gaggle? Seems they were taking a gander, mosying their way up Boulder Canyon and Fourmile.

Meanwhile, the few males that dared attempt Poorman on this gorgeous spring-like day, in fact, resorted to merely coast down the steep dirt track. The ascent was simply too overwhelming, and they felt overcome before they'd even begun.

And so, the bomb in the black mini-skirt soloed the precipitous route, enjoying stunning views of the still snow-tipped foothills.

The most Poorman could offer in challenge were a few pitiful splashes of mud, nothing that a little water couldn't wash from a black mini-skirt.