Special Report (and Poorman Report)

Feb 23, 2007

Due to a mix-up on my part, the Frenzy's new outfit, the Frenzy Fleetfeet (recently acquired in a hostile Wall Street takeover), celebrated the Frenzy's Second Anniversary in fine style.

A group of walking enthusiasts, the Fleetfeet are renown for their fabulist leanings, as evidenced by their very first report, submitted by Mark:

The Frenzy Fleetfeet's spirited workout

Jill Lester and Mark Werner embarked on the stroll version of the frenzy today. We left TCOM at 12:05.

Our route took us down 18th to Colorado, then along the east side of the stadium to Folsum. From there we joined the creek path. We left the path at the junction by Arapaho.

We had a nice walk through the arboretum until the ice flows on the sidewalk made us search for snow that was sufficiently soft to be able to walk on. As we came up the stairs from that arboretum path, we emerged on Grandview and the temperature picked up quite a bit.

We had a nice stroll along the Varsity Pond and then ended up by Hellems. It was a wonderful day with a great blue sky and a temperature that hovered between jacket weather and not.

The conversation was good. We walked and talked in the fine tradition of Aristotle’s Gymnasium.

Great report, Fleetfeet! Thanks for joining the lunchtime crew, even if we weren't technically there.

Next time, though, please use something more creative than a paper bag to conceal your high spirits, if you catch my drift. Yeah, Mark, we all know why you stumbled around that "ice" floe on the path.

In the Shackleton spirit, Steve tests the leads on Poorman Loop

For my part, I explored Poorman Loop this afternoon. It's been a long winter, and I wasn't certain the route would be passable. Indeed, in rather uncharacteristic Frenzy fashion, we haven't done Fourmile Canyon since last fall.

Thus, astride my trusty two-wheeled conveyance, I set out to see how sketchy the ride up Boulder Canyon was. As it turns out, Boulder Canyon wasn't that bad, especially since I was climbing as opposed to descending.

Fourmile Canyon was as peaceful as always...I've missed riding alongside Fourmile Creek. Not a single car passed me on the easy ascent.

Poorman Road was in the best condition I've ever seen. Apparently, the constant freezing has kept the dust and gravel off the road—the surface was as hard as pavement! The only hazard turned out to be two sheets of 1" thick ice, which I simply walked the bike over.

Overall, great ride. If the snow's not too bad this weekend, we should be able to go back next week. Meantime, have a great weekend, everyone!!