The Not-Quite-A-Record Ride Report

Feb 1, 2007

Well, though the Frenzy Biographers were disappointed, Dave and I were not. Riding up Flagstaff in 18°F temperatures was a real treat, and not as cold as we had thought it might be. The 14°F record is safe for now.

Due to the number of layers we had on, the ascent was toasty—sweaty even. I had a full change of clothing and a down jacket I put on for the descent, and it was as though I were sitting next to a fireplace reading a good book. Cozy.

After draping my ascent clothing on the Townie (while I put on dry clothing), all my sweaty garb insta-froze, transforming into plywood. My water bottle had also frozen by the time we reached Headquarters again.

The road conditions were snowy with sand, but there was no ice on Flagstaff Road (not yet anyway). It wasn't even that slippery...mind you, we were going about 5-8mph (I, with my feet dangling), so we weren't exactly trying to test Mother Nature.

Still, excellent ride and great company!