SuperFlag Ride Report

Jan 11, 2007

Let it never be said that a guy who concentrates exclusively on running big miles on trails is a limp nancyboy on the bike. Okay, go ahead and say it... but it wouldn't be true; Sir Brian Kent jumped the pack (me - DU) en route to Lost Gulch like a bionic yak on diet pills today. Screw "surge" in Iraq. We'll keep it here on the Frenzy where it was invented. Great ride, Brian. Hope you thaw out before Leadville.

Morning Post

Last chance for a bit of pavement before the next big storm?

If Steve was here (instead of wasting away indolently in Florida), I'll bet he'd want to go hammer on SuperFlag a bit before the snow flies again tomorrow. Let's keep him happy, eh?

Where: Super Flagstaff (to Lost Gulch)

When: From Telecom at 12:10