Tribute to Ivan Drago, Part I

Jan 4, 2007

Frenz's bikes high-centered in deep snow

Like Ivan Drago, the winds had us up against the ropes and threatened to turn our frontal lobes into oatmeal. But like Rocky Balboa, we accepted the punishment with the glee of a psychotic in a knife store.

Rob, Dave, Matt, and Steve were waylaid by Sir Brian Kent on Heartbreak Hill. Much to their surprise Brian had on a white running cap and not his pink bandanna. An on-the-spot DNA test proved it was indeed Brian, so he was allowed to accompany us to the Amphitheater service road, where another Flag regular (another Bryan) left us to tackle Lost Gulch Overlook.

Mr. Burton brought a camera, so if you'd like to see a gallery of pix from today's ride, have at it!