Capture the (Super) Flag Ride Report

Dec 27, 2006
Steve dunes
Steve descending Flagstaff's sand-dune hairpins today

Surprisingly good conditions today! I think both Dave and I were prepared to turn around at the first sign of ice, but there wasn't a patch to be found.

In fact, the road was completely dry! The lower section (up to the Amphitheater service road) didn't even have much sand; the upper portion resembled the dunes of the Sahara.

Coming down the super-section, I did ungracefully dismount rather than try to dune-buggy my way around the beachhead hairpins. This made for an unusually long descent, wherein large shavings from my brakepads were discarded roadside.

While carefully picking my way down Heartbreak Hill, imagine my surprise when I saw Brian Kent (not a typo!) climbing on his lime-green Bianchi. He even suggested we may see him on wheels tomorrow too!

Given the unknown trajectory of the impending storm, tomorrow's itinerary will be up in the air until the morning. If we can sneak in a ride, we will likely hit Flagstaff again or possibly Sunshine. If it's snowing, we may settle for a duathlon at Sanitas.