Scouting Mission, Part I.

Dec 12, 2006
Dave bow mountain
Dave hits the climb (gallery)

Great riding day today. Around campus it was quite windy, but as soon as we got over to 4th, it was calm...we didn't even notice a breeze.

What was so fun about today's ride was feeling like an early American explorer looking for the Northwest Passage. There are some potentially good rides up off Linden Road, we just need to find one that does a loop.

Dave and I ended up going up Cedar Brook Road, cresting a little col, then ending up at a dead end after descending a very serpentine street. The riding was so fun, though, we didn't mind at all.

In fact, we were so jazzed by the exploration that we may schedule another ride this week whose express intent is scouting routes. If you're interested, come join us! Stay tuned...