Out East Ride Report

Dec 7, 2006

Kevin and I took a spin out east today, chit-chatting all the live-long day. The banter ranged from good books to baseball to future Frenzy gatherings. Notable among our ideas were: a winter overnight in the Indian Peaks and Rockies game this summer. Who's in?

PS: If anyone's interested in giving to a good charity for the Holidays, please contact Dave. He's got a great cause, and I'm down!

Submitted by Dave "I do my own damn rides" Underwood

Bet you didn't see me boxing Boulder in a clockwise direction today... I started down the hill and it occurred to me that it was bloody cold. Don't question the logic; I headed toward Flagstaff. Took the creek trail up to 6th, then wiggled up toward Baseline. One of the streets I ended up on was solid ice. Cool; I can work on my ice-riding chops. Except I took a fall and it knocked all the ambition out of me. Bagged it and came back to the office early. Probably a good thing, given having a cold and all.