Raucous Flagstaff Ride Report

Nov 16, 2006

Today's ride featured a legendary role reversal and the fall of a dynasty. Or maybe not.

Moments prior to the start of the ride Dave Underwood was seen canoodling with a sweet 20-something young lady with blonde hair, normally a task seen performed by Matt Burton. This role reversal began the ride up Flagstaff Mountain on a beautiful day in the low-60's (just like Dave!).

While Steve Bailey looked on to his amusement while Dave and Matt raced up the mountain as fast as their (relatively) leisurely pace would take them. Dave held an initial lead only to have Matt catch up and thank Dave for waiting for him. Dave was not waiting for him.

At the top of "The Wall" just below the junction of the main road and the summit road the tide began to turn. Steve Bailey describe the epic battle as akin to "...watching the Tour. Burton caught Dave's wheel and made an attack at just the right time."

Steve was also heard mumbling about EPO, drugs, and performance-enhancing substances. Nobody was listening.

The role reversal was complete when Matt crossed the entrance to the summit parking area before Dave, beating Matt's personal best time in the process. The (still) Mighty Dave finished third and his transition between "elite athlete" and "old guy using decades' old stories to pick up impressionable young ladies" was complete.

The End. Let the trash talk begin.