Super-Gusty Flagstaff

Nov 13, 2006

I'm surprised that we actually saw people out on Flagstaff today. Apart from us (Greg, Dave, Burton, Adriana, and I), there were three dudes from the TIAA-CREF Cycling Team (I recognize two of them: Brad Huff and Blake Caldwell) and one regular, Brian, whom we've seen quite often on the vaunted slopes.

Now, I thought I was chicken when I dismounted on the 15-20% hairpin near Lost Gulch (which was ice over gravel), but when I got down, I learned (via confession) that Mr. Burton actually asked a woman for a ride down!!! At least he admitted it, tho', I guess.

I'm a little worried about Greg. That guy has no fear! Maloney, you'd better do a background check again on him.