Valmont Reservoir Ride Report

Jul 28, 2006

Steve rides Adriana's townie around town

Since Adriana was out of town this weekend, I decided to take her bike for a spin. Unfortunately I mistakenly grabbed the cruiser rather than the new carbon fiber road bike. Oops.

In spite of my foible, I was happy to be out on the bike, for I knew my friends would never make fun of me for riding a girly bike. In fact, a few of them seemed to be genuinely jealous of my ride.

We hit the road and eventually joined up with Linda Drake, who let me draft off her, which was very nice. She claims she left us behind half way through the ride because she had to get back to the office, but I think she was embarrassed. In any event, we had a great time, despite the sweltering heat. Thanks for coming, everyone!