Super-Walker Ride Report

Apr 5, 2006
Walker ranch mtb
This kind of riding makes you look forward to summer! (gallery)

I suppose all of you would-be participants were shaving your legs last night, and that's why you skipped out.

Well, regardless, Terry and I enjoyed the extra hour of daylight while spitting dirt at Walker Ranch. It was a real treat to watch Terry tear it up. I mean, one minute I'd be descending right behind him, and the next he'd be a quarter mile ahead of me catching air on every bump.

In truth, I was only "right behind him" for a few seconds, as I'm a really granny on the descents. Still, we both had perma-smiles plastered to our suncreen-lathered faces, all the while enjoying the single-track meadows and gurgling creek crossings. We're going to ride it again soon. Hope your legs are smooth, 'cuz ours are sore!!