Super-Flag Friday Report

Mar 14, 2006
Univega carnage
Crankset Carnage

Last Friday, a few brave souls tackled Flagstaff Mountain and Flagstaff Road (also known as "Super-Flag"). The grade of Super-Flag averages 7.4% with a 0.3mi section at 14%. There were several gear mashers present for the occasion, as well as a small gaggle of runners. The gear mashers included:

Matt "Top Gun" Burton
Matt made it farther than he ever had before, appreciating the cooler, slightly thinner air on Flagstaff Mountain.
Dave "The Pedal-Pulverizer" Underwood
With triple crank gearing, Dave was a winged angel floating up the road. Unfortunately, his wings (and quads) overpowered his bike, as the sheer force of his pedalling shattered the whole drivetrain (see picture above).
Greg "The Spinning Noodle" Stauffer
The unique frame of Greg's bike propelled him all the way to Lost Gulch Overlook, and while the mere sight of the 14% grade scared him profoundly, he still soldiered on to the stunning viewpoint of the Continental Divide.

Several runners also graced the slopes with their gazelle-like strides:

The Honorable Brian Kent
Brian made it known to all that Friday's run was a mere warm-up for his weekend sojourn: a "routine" run encompassing all peaks in the Front Range (without food or water of course).
Rob "Lightning Bug" Leary
Known for taking cellphone calls on trail runs, Rob impressed his fleet-footed partner Brian by actually sending a fax to the bikers saying they were a bunch of slow @!#$%....

Perhaps we can do this again on Friday (March 24, 2006)???